At DAME Legal, we believe that everyone is entitled to competent, compassionate, and effective legal representation—no matter the crime they are accused. In addition to our many areas of expertise in civil lawsuits, our talented team of counselors will work tirelessly to defend people charged with criminal offenses.

While this might be your first time going to court for a criminal offense, we have been doing this for years. With our proven track record of experience navigating the criminal justice system, we will guide you through this challenging time of your life.


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Criminal Law

When you hire a DAME Legal attorney to represent you in the wake of your arrest, you will have expert legal advice at your fingertips at every step of the way. We fight for our clients as if we were fighting for ourselves, helping our clients minimize some of the stress associated with their accusations.

While under the care of DAME Legal, our talented team of attorneys will work to investigate your case independent of traditional law enforcement. We will track down necessary witnesses, seek out expert testimony, and uncover all of the most important details of the alleged crime so that we can be best prepared for trial.

However, a trial is not the only possible outcome available to our clients. In the right circumstances, we will seek to eliminate or reduce the charges levied against you and work to eliminate any fines or penalties, including prison sentencing.

It is our utmost commitment to our clients to secure due process that makes us stand out against state-appointed defense attorneys. We will focus dutifully on all aspects of your case, familiarizing ourselves with necessary legal precedent, alleged victims and witnesses, and important case facts. We have decades of trial experience with proven favorable outcomes for our valued clients.

No one expects to be accused of a serious criminal offense, but should that horrible day ever come, DAME Legal has your back at all costs. If you live in the greater New Jersey area or the New York metropolitan area, our partners at Dame Legal can help you overcome this difficult part of your life with relative ease. Give us a call at 201-968-5800 or fill out our contact form on our site to begin the process.


Those accused of a crime require an aggressive, committed attorney knowledgeable in the federal, state, and local laws written to defend persons facing criminal charges. DAME Legal will be with you every step of the way.


Domestic Violence

Some marriages end due to domestic violence. When the safety of one partner has been called into question or accusations of domestic violence have been weaponized throughout the divorce process, DAME Legal is qualified to navigate this emotionally-charged time of your life.

Domestic Violence

We can help you in any legal aspect





From the time I walked in I realized I had found the right attorneys for me.

Bill from Saddle River

Shelley and her team got me my child back from a non-Hague country. She was there at the worse time in my life for tears on her shoulder and there in the best time in my life when she hugged my daughter as she got off of the plane.

M.M. New York

Ron knew the value of my case, when to fight, what to say and how to say it. He got me ten times more then I thought I would receive.

Juan from Hackensack

Patrick and I went to trial on my matter. Only on T.V. have I ever seen someone with as much command of the courtroom, respect of the Judge, and the ability to get through to the Jury.

Happy Customer

Marilyn is the best Family attorney in the State. That is all you need to know.

Steve from Verona

I never felt like a commodity. I was part of the team.

Mercedes from Jersey City

Pat settled my case and I was set for the rest of my life.

A.R. Hackensack

I was facing the best years of my life incarcerated. Shelley was there for me and my family the entire time. When we got a not-guilty verdict and I told her “you did it,” Shelley shot back with a “WE DID IT !”

Joe from New York

Don’t be taken back by Amanda’s youth. She has the wisdom of George Washington and the wit of George Carlin.

Robert – Paramus

The best thing I can say about Paul is beware the quiet ones. His knowledge of the law outwits all of his adversaries.

Jamie from Montclair
I would like to thank you for your superior and knowledgeable service. This was my first time being in a traffic incident of any type. Your pleasant, polite and reassuring voice really put me at ease.

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