Cases involving government repensentation


Exceptional Representation for Matters Involving Federal, State & Local Governments

When issues involving any level of government arise, DAME Legal can protect your rights and interests while providing superior advocacy. Our esteemed government representation team has extensive experience working with and for government authorities at every level. This empowers us with the knowledge, relationships, and resources to effectively represent government entities—as well as the parties who deal with them—in an array of matters.

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Legal assistance with all types of government cases

Experienced Counsel Backed by Multidisciplinary Approach

The government law attorneys at DAME Legal take an integrated approach towards advising, counseling, and representing our clients, who include:

  • Local government agencies, including municipalities, districts, counties, villages, and more
  • State government agencies, including administrative agencies, regulatory departments, tribal authorities, and more
  • Private individuals and businesses, including local citizens, small businesses, and national enterprises across several industries

Whether our clients need proactive or reactive representation, our government lawyers are skilled at taking swift, strategic action while providing the highest quality counsel. Some of the various matters we present clients in include those pertaining to:

  • Administrative matters, including licensing, insurance, appropriations, public policy, regulations, and compliance
  • Economic development programs, including small business programs, diversity counseling, and community development programs
  • Education, labor, and employment programs and agencies
  • Environmental issues, including those pertaining to energy and water
  • Finance, commerce, and taxation
  • Government projects, including procurement, government contracts, bid protests, and public/private partnerships
  • Litigation, arbitration, and mediation
  • Politics and parliamentary procedure
  • Real estate and property issues, including land use, zoning, eminent domain, and construction law
  • Telecommunication and public utilities regulations
  • Transportation systems and regulations

Skilled lawyers will work to preserve your rights

As masterful litigators with a deep understanding of government laws, procedures, and systems, DAME Legal is the preferred option for:

  • Counseling clients through regulatory actions, investigations, and transactions
  • Drafting and reviewing policies, regulations, codes, contracts, and more
  • Developing and growing programs and agencies
  • Negotiating contracts and closing deals
  • Performing audits, due diligence, and special assessments
  • Providing ongoing counsel to support long-term program and organizational needs
  • Resolving civil and criminal disputes in and outside the courtroom

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When legal matters involving government entities arise, partner with the lawyers at DAME Legal for extraordinary counsel, representation, and support.

Our acumen, advocacy, and advice can make all the difference in the ultimate resolution, including what it costs and how long it takes to achieve it. From complex regulatory issues to high-stakes litigation, we can seamlessly leverage our skills and experience to set our clients up for success.

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We are dedicated to providing the same quality of representation and service that we would expect if we were in our clients’ shoes. With our team in your corner, you can be confident that your rights and interests are fully protected—and that we’ll work tirelessly to seek the best possible outcome or solution.

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From the time I walked in I realized I had found the right attorneys for me.

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Shelley and her team got me my child back from a non-Hague country. She was there at the worse time in my life for tears on her shoulder and there in the best time in my life when she hugged my daughter as she got off of the plane.

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Ron knew the value of my case, when to fight, what to say and how to say it. He got me ten times more then I thought I would receive.

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Patrick and I went to trial on my matter. Only on T.V. have I ever seen someone with as much command of the courtroom, respect of the Judge, and the ability to get through to the Jury.

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Marilyn is the best Family attorney in the State. That is all you need to know.

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I was facing the best years of my life incarcerated. Shelley was there for me and my family the entire time. When we got a not-guilty verdict and I told her “you did it,” Shelley shot back with a “WE DID IT !”

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Don’t be taken back by Amanda’s youth. She has the wisdom of George Washington and the wit of George Carlin.

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The best thing I can say about Paul is beware the quiet ones. His knowledge of the law outwits all of his adversaries.

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